Among citrus fruits, the orange shine with its very own light by the fact it is the fruit most produced in the world thanks to its endless benefits, as well used in the kitchen or in medicine it serves a full range of option from homemade medicine to help fixing health problems or even by getting a better nutrition. Well known in the world of juices, its juice represents 40% of the world global consummation, for this very reason at Snature we make sure the oranges we pick present enough quantity of juice to make the best juices of all. Besides it is one of the best fruits for kids because it is easily peeled, it can be divided into quarters and has this particular sweet and sour flavour. Its circular shape and its orange colour make it one of the most attractive fruit of the greengrocers.
The orange is the most consumed fruit in Spain reaching approximately 20% of the fresh fruits consumed in homes, a trend that has been registered in growth for the past few years, taking grounds to apples and bananas. Orange consummation per person in Spain is around 35kg a year, being bigger among adults that children even though the trend is lately going backwards. In the Region of Murcia 130.000 tonnes of this fruit is produced over a ground that represents 10.000 hectares. The production has been slightly decreasing over the years focusing on the Navel variety such as the Lane late which take each year 10% more of the global surface dedicated to the plantation. At Snature Citrus we make sure to get the best oranges of the Region of Murcia that’s why we decided to focus on the varieties that are likely to bring the best quality that you deserve.

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