At Snature Group we have a priority: taking care of people and working in the most sustainable way possible contributing to preserve the surrounding environment. For that we invite you to get to know our initiative of Social and Corporative Responsibility (SCR) to improve every area and offer a beneficial and respectful service for all.


We add improvements plans so our suppliers and subcontractors can work lined up with the  company strategy, respecting the exigencies and commitments  f the organization.

For this reason, we encourage the following measures:

  • We encourage the stability of our suppliers with long term contracts and consulting during production.
  • We make stops looking for the best of their interest.


Our employees are the biggest value of our company. We chase to create the best work environment possible which promote constant motivation of our workers through personal and professional development and by making them part of a common project orientated to the satisfaction of the client

How we do it:

  • Plans of welcoming and formation
  • Promoting a good health of our employees
  • Programs of equality
  • Program of continuous development (skills,talents….)


The client is the pivot on which our company turns.

At Snature we strive every day on knowing the needs of our clients through a program that allows us to get to know the opinion on our products and at the same time permits us to draw the lines of our future.


At Snature sustainability is one of our values, because of that we feel responsible with our surroundings promoting a compatible development keeping in mind the respect of the environment.

How we do it:

  • Policy of management of waste through authorized agents.
  • Promotion of the biodiversity
  • Policy of reduction of water and energy uses
  • Sensitivity trainings among employees
  • Policy of reduction of the use of phytosanitary products
  • Policy to promote the integrated controls.

At Snature we are certified by Global Gap, ISO-9.001, and we produce following the production standards established by the stamp of the Integrated Production of the Region of Murcia, which promote production technique respectful of the environment.

Social environment

At Snature we contribute to the social improvement of the places near our centres of production promoting the employment and economic development of the neighbourhood.