The lemon is one of the most eaten fruit in the southern east of Spain where it goes with all kind of food and apetizers. But it is also used as juice with powerful benefits for your health, mainly for its extraordinary digestive qualities and is huge capacity of nutrients which makes it ideal to recover from stomach problems. We shouldn’t forget that because of its powerful flavour it represents a perfect match for your cleaning products as detergents and stain remover but also for home products such as air freshener for dishwashers or bathrooms, which better its smell. Its rind is also used as food for cattle. Oils made out of its rind are also used to retain hair loss and to help heal wounds.

In the Region of Murcia, lemons are the most produced fruit of all with 450 000 tonnes produced every year, almost the double of what the Comunidad Valenciana produces and six time the amount of Andalucia. This very high level of production mainly concern the Fino variety, a variety of major stretch in the region which keeps on stretching along the Verna and Eureka varieties which complete the group of lemons of biggest production in Spain. Speaking of the surface of cultivated fields, the lemon holds an extension of 40.000 hectares in the Region of Murcia, a very high amount finding itself in growth thank to the quality of the land. The production of lemon happens all year even though during the months that offers very high temperatures just a few varieties of lemons can give a good harvest.

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